There, they meet Zack's parents who question Cloud of their son's whereabouts. Zack appears twice more in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete: As Cloud sees Tifa in danger during his fight against Bahamut SIN and Denzelfacing Shadow Creepers, images of Aerith's death and Zack's final stand flash in his eyes, and during the final battle, Zack appears behind Cloud just as Sephiroth seems to have him beaten. Cloud arrives and takes up the Buster Sword to fight Sephiroth, who falls into the mako pool below. Launch a triangle of lightning arcs from Zacks hand electrocuting the enemy once for moderate damage. Zack offers to repay her for saving his life with one date. Zack no longer even exists in Cloud's mind; the altered memories place him in Zack's position.

Zack is then called back to Shinra for another assignment. Lazard—in the form of a degrading Angeal—and Zack fight the two and Zack kills Hollander once and for all. Together with a catatonic Cloud, a beaten Genesis, a dead Lazard and the final surviving Angeal copy that had lived in Aerith's church, Zack eats a dumbapple.

Zack attempts a rescue mission and brings the two back to their senses, but they die. Zack calls for a tactical strike on his cellphone, a moment later a cluster of large homing missles will fire and home into the enemy exploding on impact. Later, Zack enters the Games again hoping to encounter Terra once again, and have a fair fight. Guard Break Thunder Aerial Long Magical Launch a straight arc of lightning from Zack's hand electrocuting the enemy once for moderate damage. Cloud is then sent back to the church where everyone is waiting for him. His Manikin is teal and called the Imaginary Legacy.

Zack Fair is a non-playable character inFinal Fantasy VII and the main protagonist of its prequel, Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-. In this outfit he also wields the standard issue SOLDIER Sword rather then the Buster Sword. Zack is again shown in flashbacks during Cloud and Tifa's sequence in the Lifestream where she helps him piece together his memories.

Zack is then called back to Shinra for another assignment.

A four hit slashing combo starting with a wide horizontal swing. Angeal flies him to the Shinra Building where Sephiroth explains Hollander is most likely after Professor Hojo due to Hojo having taken over his job. Zack Fair Compilation of FFVII: FFVII – AC – BC – CC– LO. Shortly after, Kunsel informs Zack that one of the SOLDIER 1sts has left Shinra and taken some of the 2nds and 3rds with him. Zack leaves Cloud under Lazard's protection and travels intoBanora Underground and comes upon Genesis who wields the power of the Lifestream, but is still defeated, although the Lifestream cures him from his degradation. A short time later, Zack changes his hair (to how it is shown in the original game) and encourages Cloud in his attempt to join SOLDIER. Zack floats in the air and summons a stationary magic circle which will discharge blasts of electricity at the enemy. Angeal destroys the platform beneath Zack and send him plummeting into the Midgar Slums. He cuts their way out of a rebuilt Nibelheim and Cissnei in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, or whoever the player's Turk is in Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-, is ordered to take Zack in, but betrays orders and allows him to pass. Zack is the only Final Fantasy character to appear in Birth by Sleep. Upon Zack's return to Shinra HQ, Lazard promotes him to 1st Class and gives him an assignment with Sephiroth. You'll be... My living legacy. He then passes on the words of his mentor to a group of 2nds, who later come to regard him as their own personal hero. Upon his defeat, Angeal passes the Buster Sword on to Zack. During his sweep of Sector 8, Zack meets Cissnei, a young Turk that wields a shuriken. Sephiroth refuses to help Genesis and returns to the village. He is encountered by all three of the main characters (Terra, Ventus, and Aqua) at Olympus Coliseum.

He is generally noisy, idiotic, infantile, easily distracted, often repellent and less cautious than his sister, as he often thinks with his stomach, and as such is often reduced to following either Carmen or Ivy's instructions. Betrayed by the organization he once served, Zack is subject to inhumane experiments but escapes and heads to Midgar to reunite with his love Aerith but this plan is cut short when he killed protecting Cloud from the soldiers pursuing them. In Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, Zack's history and influence upon the Final Fantasy VII world are brought into focus. The two quickly become friends, and Cloud begins to admire Zack. When a character has… Last updated December 11/11. Height. After he successfully defeats the Genesis copies, Cissnei poignantly tells him that wings symbolize freedom, not monsters. Zack waves to Cloud before following her. You May Be Interested. By October of 0000, Zack had reached SOLDIER 2nd Class under the tutelage of SOLDIER 1st Class Angeal Hewley. © 1999-2020 Neo Era Media Inc. All rights reserved. In April 0001, Zack falls through the roof of the Sector 5 Church where he meetsAerith Gainsborough, whom he offers to pay back her help with a date. Zack finds Genesis and Dr. Hollander arguing over Hollander not being able to cure Genesis's degradationagainst his earlier promises. During Zack's mission to Modeoheim with Tseng and some infantrymen, the helicopter crashes.

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