In a speech Thursday, the vice-president, Mike Pence, outlined plans to create Space Force, billed as a brand new branch of the US military dedicated to fighting wars in space. The agency has been controversial since it was first suggested. Chief of Space Operations Gen. Jay Raymond has vowed to “go after that bureaucracy.” But yesterday, Gen. DT Thompson, newly confirmed as vice chief and a four-star, told Defense One that the Space Force is still in the planning stages for its new acquisition unit, Space Systems Command. All rights reserved. And I think that that piece of bureaucracy could easily die away without anybody missing it.”. News, Analysis and Opinion from POLITICO.

The Space Force is being built from former Air Force organizations but the Pentagon said it … quipped following its standup last December: How Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Will Make ISR Faster, GM Defense Delivers 1st Air-Droppable Trucks, NSA O’Brien’s Latest Audible on Navy Plans: Calls For More Frigates, Faster. Instead of chief of naval operations, the chief of the Space Force will be the chief of space operations," he said. The Trump administration established the Space Force as a separate military branch in December 2019.. The failure to shake down both the acquisition organization and the financial process for space acquisition as a first order of business in the stand up of the Space Force is ironic, given all the hoopla over the roll-out of a new uniform, a motto, a Capstone Doctrine touting the centrality of ‘spacepower’ to winning the nation’s wars, and even a streamlined command structure. In addition, as Breaking D readers were first to know, there continues to be debate about how to handle the space-related programs now in the portfolio of MDA and whether to fold them into the Space Force. Here are the details on how Space Force came to be and what to expect from it, going forward. Congress has moved forward with a proposal made last year to place the Space Force under the Department of the Air Force, and budgeted $72.4 million for stand-up costs, according to the legislation.

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