They had a small gathering at the house of the first director of NASA. ISS Orbital Outhouse Team Patch  STS-126, set for launch in November 2008, will bring to the International Space... Apollo 'First Landing'  50th Anniversary Edition Now includes 2019 on this commemorative patch. Friendship 7 50th Anniversary Commemorative PatchFully Embroidered Patch is 4" x 6"Celebrating the first American to orbit the... International Space Station Commemorative 5" Patch Designed by Tim Gagnon and Jorge Cartes  The central truss running port... Apollo Lunar Exploration 50 Years Commemorative Patch  NEW RELEASE, OCTOBER 25! No, no it isn't. The STS-107 mission was conducted for research purposes and focused specifically on microgravity and Earth science research. NASA 60th ANNIVERSARY LOGO STICKER CELEBRATING 60 YEARS OF - DISCOVERY, LEADERSHIP, OPPORTUNITY The Official NASA 60 Logo... APOLLO 50 'NEXT GIANT LEAP' STICKER The Official NASA Apollo 50th Anniversary Sticker. The conversation about the patch quickly spread around the room and Jim Webb, in charge of the NASA budget at that time, who was completely against all personalization of NASA missions. 3.5" x 3" The Lunar Gateway, officially... First All Women Spacewalk Commemorative Patch. The patch for this mission featured a roadrunner bird (Native to Texas) that isn't able to fly, a poignant symbol for this EarthBound mission.

Well it's pretty easy to figure out.

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