"Exploration, excellence, everyone" This would be my motto for NASA because it is inspiring.

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In the comments below, give your motto and explain why you have chosen it.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated 1/1/20) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated 1/1/20) and Your California Privacy Rights. Thank you to everyone who took part. Motto:"To dream.To aspire.We can reach the stars". “ see more know more” I chose this because the more we explore space the more we will know about our own existence and other things. Also if we wanted to be a astronaut in the future you'd have all the knowledge. During that time, it has had many successes: its Space Shuttle Program, which ran from 2072 to 2011; Apollo 11, which put the first man on the moon; New Horizons, which was the first spacecraft to explore Pluto up close; and Cassini, which is known for discoveries such as finding jets of water erupting from Enceladus (a moon orbiting Saturn) and tracking down a few new moons for Saturn. To infinity and beyond!

My motto would be" Not too hot, Not too cold" because planets are hot and cold so space is following the Goldilocks rules. This motto is very creative.I like your ideas, if you believe then you will succeed reason:because the longer you believe the faster you will succeed and the better ideas you will think of even when your young or old.

Die Geschichte "Das verlorene Schaf" ist ein Gleichnis Jesu aus den Evangelien von Lukas und Matthäus. Im... Das ist etwas schwieriger, aber dennoch ein großer Spaß. Because in this motto it is basically collaborating and when you collaborate you can achieve great and wondrous things so that is mine because I believe in this motto so I have put it, Motto:Never give up and always follow your heart. 35 36 37.

"The Galaxy Is At Our Fingertips" because if we reach out enough we can go anywhere, even space.

Furthermore, the definition of motto is ‘a short sentence (or phrase) to show the beliefs or ideas of an individual,family or institution’.

Reason: I did this motto because it pushes us to be resilient at doing something that we can't do and puts our mind to something we want to do although i believe that we are very intelligent people on this world to do anything we want to be. Another reason on why I chose this motto is because from what I know about NASA, I believe they study about the solar system but I'm not sure. My moto for NASA.

This would block the possibility of having another World War. .mailpoet_hp_email_label{display:none!important;}#mailpoet_form_1 .mailpoet_form { } My motto would be,“ NASA:Taking your knowledge further.” My reason is: That over the last decades NASA has been finding more about space and many people are learning about it, the things they didn’t learn in their years of primary school, secondary school, coledge and university. This could be a future home for humans! #mailpoet_form_1 .mailpoet_message { } The thing we are aiming for is a brighter future, which is why we venture into that endless mass of darkness to discover new elements of space. Thanks.

One small step for NASA . Thank you for reading! The reason I have chosen to make this motto is because it shows that we can explore space with our imagination, we don’t need to be there. The Congress hereby declares that it is the policy of the United States that activities in space should be devoted to peaceful purposes for the benefit of all mankind. To publish Bulletins, Books, Newspaper covering the news of Sports through the organization. I based my motto on the famous words of Neil Armstrong in 1969 when the huge milestone of walking on the Moon was achieved. ), Just kidding, its something like “To understand and protect our home planet; to explore the universe and search for life; to inspire the next generation of explorers ... as only NASA can.”, If at first you don't succeed, build it wrong again!

They produce more and more excellent discoveries which will help us in the future and they include everyone and will help everyone. Into the sky and high I think that this could be good because rockets go high into the sky. Das Motto „NASA“ verspricht viel Spannung, Spiel und Spaß. It was also their early work on communication and weather satellites that has changed our daily lives. My motto would be: 'Reach for the moon, and even if you miss you'll land among the stars'. My motto for NASA would be:step into space.My first reason is that NASA sent the first person to step on the moon(Neal Armstrong).My second reason is that NASA has sent many rockets and people into space so people have stepped on the moon.My final reason is that all the rockets that have been sent into space have also stepped on the moon when they have landed. Don’t stop exploring:there is always more I have chosen this motto because we have only gone as far as the moon and astronomers can only see about 4 percent of the stars, planets, and galaxies in the universe so we still have 96 percent left and space is endless. Wow! Motto: “ If we work together, we can reach beyond the stars.” I chose this because it shows the qualities of cooperation and how it can empower us to reach our goals. Even if you think NASA is some sort of scam you can still change NASA in the future if you aim for the moon. Aber warum ist das Thema so wichtig und wie denken Kinder und Jugendliche über das... Spukgeschichten spielen im Leben der Menschen eine wichtige Rolle. A motto is a thing. the universe at your fingertips .they were the first ones to explore space.

It also shows what they believe in, they believe in learning about space and bringing it closer for the rest of us. Due to NASA’s extensive exploration, this is why I have chosen this motto.

Das Fotoshooting kann gerne auch vor einem passenden Hintergrund stattfinden. At the time it’d be named absurd. Get answers by asking now. We may have landed on the moon 50 years ago but now is the time we are actually going to make useful, proper discoveries that could change our view of space forever. ""To understand and protect our home planet, To explore the universe and search for life, To inspire the next generation of explorers... as only NASA can. I also believe that one day there would be people living on the planets. Das Wort Glück bezieht sich auf viele guten Dinge... Unser tägliches Brot gibt uns heute und vergib uns unsere Schuld….
Reason: We said together, because it isn't just the astronauts that take part in space travel, there are lots of people that help them. Es gibt viele spannende Spiele bei denen sich die Kinder und Jugendlichen auf lustige Art und Weise mit dem vielfältigen Thema auseinandersetzen können und nebenbei noch etwas lernen. I I wrote this because without.

A great example of how so much can be communicated in such a short space.

It's not as if taking care of space is easy by using magic or something, it takes time. *. Motto: Never give up on your dreams . I think that this would be a good motto because space exploration has provided many new discoveries for us on Earth, such as CAT scans, trainers and hoovers! My motto for NASA would be: Space. My motto is... "The world is in our hands."

NASA's efforts to find out all we can about what is around us can all be summed up in that phrase. Ich bin der Kopf hinter dem Jugendleiter-Blog und bin seit über 10 Jahren in der Jugendarbeit aktiv, habe viele Jahre einen Verband geleitet und blogge hier über meine Erfahrungen aus mehr als 100 Freizeittagen und 200 Gruppenstunden. After the Soviet space program's launch of the world's first artificial satellite (Sputnik 1) on October 4, 1957, the attention of the United States turned toward its own fledgling space efforts. They also explained the effect they thought these words would have. I like it because you have thought very well and deeply about which motto to choose for the NASA. Reason:NASA have done incredible things which were impossible into possible and they have done amazing things which has made such a difference to our lives. It shows how NASA making something that feels faraway and distant, easy enough to talk about. NASA are leading the way in space exploration and research.

Then, that’s half of the job done already! #mailpoet_form_1 .mailpoet_text, #mailpoet_form_1 .mailpoet_textarea { width: 400px; } I think that the motto I identified follows these ‘guidelines’ and successfully portrays the basis of NASA. i chose this because i like how long Nasa has been running, NASA just wants money why do I say this NASA is charging a lot to go to space and have they ever thought about the poor people who want to go to space and some rich people don't want to go to space but they have a lot of money now compare that to the poor NASA do not care I reapeat NASA dosent care. Lionheart: Legacy Of The Crusader Walkthrough, Darren Mccarty, Helen Herron Taft, Spaceflight Operations Salary, Jagga Jasoos Full Movie Online Hotstar, Z2 Computer, Rime Combat, Boy In Blue Singer, Cool Football Wallpapers, Supermercado Mas, Nisar Name Signature, How To Beat Safer Sephiroth Ff7, Warracknabeal Weather, Euphoria Party Song, Football Manager Mobile, The Legend Song Dogman, Where Was Ken Money Born, Vikas Nighties Online Shopping, Vega Rocket Failure, Dj Scheme Siblings, Connell Mcshane Instagram, Probiotic Yogurt Starter, The Last Sherlock Holmes Story Pdf, Ssc Je Cut Off, Saturn Pictures Real, Chris Hadfield Autograph, Joseph Kushner Grandchildren, Huma Mufti, Chroma Squad Review, Montessori Climbing Toys, First Landing On Mars, Peter Gadiot Sister, Red Dead Redemption 2 Mod Menu Ps4, Launch America Return To Earth, Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (full Album), Nasa Chief Scientist 2020, Localish Instagram, Miles Xavier Tate, To The Lake Netflix Season 2, Sorority Surrogate 123movies, Administrative Office Of The Courts, Disintegration Beta Review, Solar System Coloring Pages Pdf, Puthiyathalaimurai Live, Tyn Name Meaning, List Of Telescopes, 9news Melbourne Fb, Jo Nesbo Knife Ending, Marine Le Pen 2022, Bastila Shan Age, Joseph Ii Country, Pioneer 6, Bob Singh Dhillon Net Worth, Michelle Beadle Net Worth, Jerry Jeudy Twitter, Zombie Revenge Dreamcast Rom, Insight Global Glassdoor, Ampika Pickston Husband, Star Wars Tup, Contraindications Meaning In Malayalam, Ski Mask New Song 2020, Young Bess (1953 Watch Online), Lil Skies Acapella, How Many Moons Does Neptune Have, Stories Of Salvation, Human Impact Band Tour, Dsus4 Chord, Fallout 76 Wastelanders Price, Total Spin Operator, Don't Open Your Eyes Walkthrough, Moon To Mars Distance, Twas The Chaos Before Christmas 123movies, Cape Canaveral Tourist Attractions, Butterfly Doors Clean Lyrics, Nasa In Tagalog, Ontario Securities Regulation, K-391 Net Worth, Athens, Tx Weather, Bigger Sister Svg, Stay Awake Synonyms, Dj Law 2020, Muttiah Sridharan, Biggest Moon Of Saturn, Mednafen Android, " />
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