No, because I realize that I might be influenced by lust. He thought she might be sleeping, but her place was ablaze with lights, and she met him at the door as if expecting him. When Martha first came here, we thought I might be pregnant, remember? (probability), I may not go to the store.

The period we have briefly traversed was immortalized by Dante in an epic which from one point of view might be called the poem of the Guelphs and Ghibellines.

At first she though exhaustion might be the cause, but when he started working longer hours, it was obvious that wasn't the case. Her nights were spent in writing, which seemed in her case a relaxation from the real business of the day, playing with her grandchildren, gardening, conversing with her visitors - it might be Balzac or Dumas, or Octave Feuillet or Matthew Arnold - or writing long letters to Sainte-Beuve and Flaubert. He gave no sign of what he might be thinking.

This might be a common situation for him, but it was horrifying for her. If he appropriated or sold the implements, impoverished or sublet the cattle, he was heavily fined and in default of payment might be condemned to be torn to pieces by the cattle on the field. Then we started hearing all this nonsense about Byrne until it got us wondering if there might be something to it, so we did a little detecting ourselves. Here, you can see the probability of something happening is really low. My stomach knotted with the knowledge this might be our last chance. It was a year in which all agriculture was remitted, in which the fields lay unsown and the vines grew unpruned, only the spontaneous yield of the land might be gathered. May I is similar to might I and is used in many of the same contexts, but it is less formal. Cynthia's admonition to be careful echoed in his ears—but someone might be down there. This answer alone, though perhaps not the best which might be made, we deem amply sufficient. It might be innocent to him, but it was far from that for her.

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