Next, the platform – which is equipped with an ergonomic system that delivers a smooth, consistent experience – is walked down onto the trailer bed.

Should the leveler platform begin to drop unexpectedly mechanical safety legs can help stop that rapid free-fall.

Hydraulic vs. The Blue Giant edge-of-dock leveler is an economical solution for applications that do not support the installation of a pit-style leveler or loading docks that serve standard trailer heights. Posted in Materials Handling.

Reliably extends the leveler lip and restricts its decent until walk down is performed. They are manually operated and easy to use.

Serco’s W Series Mechanical Dock Leveler, with exclusive SafeTFrame® design, offers greater structural strength and durability than conventional dock levelers. Request a Quote today.
Also used when a pit cannot be utilized or as a retrofit.

The operator then simply walks the deck back down to the bed of a trailer or to a stored position. This is a light duty low cost alternative to the in pit style full size dock leveler.

It provides more surface engagement than alternatives with fewer teeth, or break-band systems, both of which can lead to hold-down engagement and mechanical issues. In the case of vertical trailer movement the leveler will float with the trailer bed as it moves below and above dock height without compromising engagement. Standard capacities for the LMD Series are 25K, 35K, & 40K CIR (Comparative Industry Rating). Operation begins when a dock attendant manually pulls the release-chain lifting the leveler from the stored position. We look forward to helping you. Reduce repair time and cost while keeping personnel safe. Its high strength deck is constructed with a combination of structural steel "C" channels and "I" beams. They normally mount to the face of the dock and can be placed in a small recessed pit.

The CleanSweep frame provides Easy periodic clean up, maintenance and inspection and is standard on the HM leveler and optional on the CM and LMP models. A simple pull of the chain ring located in the leveler deck raises the unit for use. Stronger more durable four sided box construction. These levelers use a pull chain activation to raise the deck. The MEDLF Series edge of dock levelers are low cost units meant for a captive fleet of trucks with a similar bed height. The LMD Series is a reliable, yet economic mechanical leveler. It has been value engineered to accommodate basic applications.

And if you need access to truck beds that are below dock height the safety legs can be retracted with the pull of a chain while the leveler is being positioned.

The DM Series is designed for heavy-duty applications.

The operator then simply walks the deck back down to the bed of a trailer or to a stored position. The LMD Series incorporates the manufacturing efficiency of the “Lug Hinge” deck design with standard box construction to produce a reliable, economic mechanical dock leveler.

A 9-tooth pawl and ratchet hold-down design keeps the leveler from lifting out of position during operation. DLM mechanical dock levelers are an economical solution to basic applications, while still providing strength and durability. Mechanical Dock Levelers. Our mechanical dock levelers have the same weight capacity (27,000 pounds), but are lighter, with the smallest mechanical leveler weighing in at 1,225 pounds (6’ x 6’ dock leveler) up to 1,650 pounds (7’ x 8’ dock leveler). Edge-of-dock levelers are easy to operate and represent an ergonomic and safer alternative to dock plates. LMD Series levelers come in 6’, 6’6”, & 7’ standard widths and 6’, & 8’standard lengths.
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