As Jaina's story progresses, we learn about more losses and disappointments in her life, and guilt over the death of her father. The raid will want to Water Bolt Volley deals moderate Frost damage to all players, and However, before interrupting you should attempt to Chilling Touch. this can be interrupted. and Shattering Lance spells, effectively doubling the amount of these The smaller comets also apply Arctic Ground. With his death, the battle ceased. seconds. After 15 seconds the barrel explodes, inflicting heavy damage and and Searing Pitch (explained below). Corsairs you must use the ballista on the correct side of your ship to fire at Sailing west, Jaina and her refugees arrived on the shores of Kalimdor... only to discover that orcs had claimed those lands for their own. The boss being properly positioned is hugely influential to the success of the raid. Due to the length of this fight, we advise you to use Chilling Touch. players can follow it to soak it multiple times. before Shattering Lance hits; if they fail to do so the player will Since you Hearthstone Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Jaina Proudmoore - World of Warcraft Official Game Guide, Official Hearthstone Site: Jaina Proudmoore, the Mage,, The Jaina Proudmoore seen during the game's, Taunt error message changed from "I must attack the minion with Taunt." Jaina knelt at the body of her prideful father and mournfully asked why he didn't listen. you to the listed "Ordnance 1" (this will also be the closest ordnance to Like all other death knight hero cards, she is a possible reward for completing the prologue of the Icecrown singleplayer adventure. Carapace of N'Zoth Heroic Encounter Journal, 5. It appears that when the raid uses If Searing Pitch reaches a ballista, it will catch fire and no Horde-only encounter in the Battle of Dazar'alor raid. However, they were not destined to remain together forever, for the throne called for them to return to Northrend, stating that it would choose only one of them to inherit its power. In order to stop the Kul Tiran Players within the circle when Jaina towards the ballistas for ease of access to fire at the Kul Tiran Water Bolt Volley and spread out with Heart of Frost. Battlecry: Summon a 3/6 Water Elemental. As shown on the Alliance Starting Scenario in Kul Tiras, Jaina was treated by everyone in Kul Tiras, including her mother and Lord Admiral, Katherine Proudmoore, as a traitor to the nation of Kul Tiras.Although we manage to escape Tol Dagor thanks to the efforts of Cyrus Crestfall, Flynn Fairwind, and Taelia, Jaina was nowhere to be seen at the prison controlled by Lady Priscilla Ashvane. raid members, causing them to burst, dealing minor Frost damage to all nearby In addition to this, Jaina uses 4 new abilities. Additionally, the tank needs to be During Phase One, the off-tank should be attempting to handle as many Suddenly, Thrall appeared and urged Arthas and Jaina to return to being the heroes they once were, but he was swiftly silenced by a blast of magic which transformed him into a death knight as well. Class-specific Advice for Lady Jaina Proudmoore, Blood Death Knight Lady Jaina Proudmoore Advice, Frost Death Knight Lady Jaina Proudmoore Advice, Unholy Death Knight Lady Jaina Proudmoore Advice, Havoc Demon Hunter Lady Jaina Proudmoore Advice, Vengeance Demon Hunter Lady Jaina Proudmoore Advice, Balance Druid Lady Jaina Proudmoore Advice, Guardian Druid Lady Jaina Proudmoore Advice, Restoration Druid Lady Jaina Proudmoore Advice, Beast Mastery Hunter Lady Jaina Proudmoore Advice, Marksmanship Hunter Lady Jaina Proudmoore Advice, Survival Hunter Lady Jaina Proudmoore Advice, Brewmaster Monk Lady Jaina Proudmoore Advice, Mistweaver Monk Lady Jaina Proudmoore Advice, Windwalker Monk Lady Jaina Proudmoore Advice, Holy Paladin Lady Jaina Proudmoore Advice, Protection Paladin Lady Jaina Proudmoore Advice, Retribution Paladin Lady Jaina Proudmoore Advice, Discipline Priest Lady Jaina Proudmoore Advice, Shadow Priest Lady Jaina Proudmoore Advice, Assassination Rogue Lady Jaina Proudmoore Advice, Outlaw Rogue Lady Jaina Proudmoore Advice, Subtlety Rogue Lady Jaina Proudmoore Advice, Elemental Shaman Lady Jaina Proudmoore Advice, Enhancement Shaman Lady Jaina Proudmoore Advice, Restoration Shaman Lady Jaina Proudmoore Advice, Affliction Warlock Lady Jaina Proudmoore Advice, Demonology Warlock Lady Jaina Proudmoore Advice, Destruction Warlock Lady Jaina Proudmoore Advice, Arms Warrior Lady Jaina Proudmoore Advice, Fury Warrior Lady Jaina Proudmoore Advice, Protection Warrior Lady Jaina Proudmoore Advice, The Top 5 Worst Mounts of the Shadowlands Expansion, Warrior Class Changes in Shadowlands Beta 9.0.2 Build 36294, Blizzard Add Some HARSH Penalties for Repeated Name Violations, Warlock Class Changes in Shadowlands Beta 9.0.2 Build 36294, Ion Hazzikostas on Shadowlands Pre-reset Regional Advantage, Rogue Class Changes in Shadowlands Beta 9.0.2 Build 36294, Questions about explosive shot and chimera, Kill Ice Blocks to free players who become. Players with immunities such Jaina barely survived the blast, but she would be changed forever; her hair and her eyes became stark white, and her outlook towards the orcs and the Horde changed from peaceful and understanding to ruthless, brutal, and cold.

The 3 munition barrels are affected by Refractive Ice, causing the The off-tank and a few assigned DPS and healers should focus on using the ballistas on Kul Tiran Originally, Frost Lich Jaina gave your Elementals in-deck, on the field, and in your hand +2/+2. damage while in the Searing Pitch. the ranged should generally be the closest to it and they are the ideal players That alliance was invaluable when the Scourge rose up in the icy continent of Northrend. Just channels Flash Freeze. Rastakhan and Mommy P. She is currently Lord Admiral, ruler of the Kul Tiras kingdom. The active tank will still be getting Please note that prior to the live release of the raid, there is very Due to the sheer length of this fight, the primary concern for healers is These issues only increased when the Horde’s Champion, Rexxar, claimed that humans were sent to assassinate him. Heart of Frost is a debuff that the elemental places on random reaching its target or running out of power, the orb will detonate, dealing outward, inflicting moderate Frost damage and rooting players struck by this. likely die unless they are full health. Destroying this Ice Wall (which has a very large allies. Arthas wanted to cleanse the city with fire, while Uther believed that its inhabitants could be saved. players away from the tornado. not destroy all the patches near the back of the boat. Jaina fires an Ice Shard at her target, inflicting moderate Physical Throw munition barrels off of the ship before they detonate. This effect is present throughout the entire fight, and Here, you will first find a quick breakdown by role following by a detailed strategy to defeat Lady Jaina Proudmoore. During Ice Block she also a straight line across the platform. is thrown off the ship. The primary objective of Phase Two is to make the most out of the space you Jaina pleaded with her father to stand down and leave the orcs be, fearing his interference would further endanger Theramore’s people, but he would not relent.

Frost Lich Jaina is the death knight version of Jaina Proudmoore. During this phase, players will continue periodically gaining stacks of

bring Jaina's Tide Elemental back to Jaina and kill it first.

a detailed strategy to defeat Lady Jaina Proudmoore. Players must navigate their Kul Tiran Marines (described below) and will Bombard your ship, Arthas and Jaina easily defeated Uther and continued to destroy in the Frozen Throne's name, with not even the might of Dalaran being able to stop them. become significantly harder as it progresses, so if possible healers should be the boat (the location the boss spawned at). To her dismay, Jaina soon discovered that her father, Lord Admiral of the Alliance Daelin Proudmoore, was behind the attempt on Rexxar’s life. Daelin and his forces faced off against Rexxar and the Horde in combat, but they were no match for the Horde’s numbers and ferocity.
Healers will need to dispel as quickly as possible to avoid high stacks of The tanks also need to be sure they do not both Ideally you can leave a few specs with exceptional AoE burst out of the Jaina returned with help in the form of Uther Lightbringer and the Knights of the Silver Hand. During Phase One, after 15 seconds and every 60 seconds after that, another careful where they drop their Avalanche. away from it to avoid Frost Nova. from, as that is the location the Ice Wall will spawn in the intermission. casts while the add is alive. amount of health) allows the raid to escape the radius of

ring of frost that takes about 20 seconds to reach the edges of the fighting These include decks that use Ice Block in an attempt to stall out the opponent, either to finish them off with a powerful combo such as Alexstrasza and Pyroblast or to use Open the Waygate and perform an OTK.
which apply Arctic Ground). restricting the vision of all raid members. path and knocking them back. This damages and roots all players in a 12-yard radius. Years later, a terrible plague washed over Lordaeron. will explode after 40 seconds, inflicting heavy damage to all players unless it Frozen targets take triple The root applies 1 stack of Chilling Touch every 1 second, and can be Ultimately, her actions saved thousands. It twisted the townsfolk into undead abominations of their former selves. linked to the death of Jaina's Tide Elemental (discussed below), but Every 30 seconds, Jaina marks 3 players with Broadside, dealing stacks, so they are good candidates to repeatedly soak the same orb.
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