The name Emily is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "rival".. Emily was derived from the Roman name Aemilia, which may have evolved from the Latin word aemulus, meaning “hardworking” or “rival.”Amelia, although similar, has separate origins — it was derived from the Germanic name Amalia. Emily is the firm favorite, though Emma is now the preferred form, while forms like Emalee are now less common. Emily has been a hugely popular name in the English-speaking world, ranking among the most popular names in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. The name has been popular since the 1970s. (2018 U.S. SSA RECORDS). It held the position for over a decade as the most common name given to girls in the United States but fell to sixth place in 2009. ASSOCIATED WITH old, roman, surname, knight (warrior), 19th century, VARIANTS Aemiley, Aemilia, Aemilie, Aimil, Amalea, Amalia▲, Amalie, Amelie▲, Ameline, Amelita, Amy▼, Eimile, Em, Emalee▼, Emali, Emalia, Emalie, Emaline, Emelda, Emelea, Emelia▲, Emely, Emeli, Emelia▲, Emelie, Emelina, Emeline, Emelita, Emelly, Emely, Emelyn, Emelyne, Emera, Emila, Emilea, Emilee, Emiley, Emili, Emilia▲, Emilie▼, Emilija, Emiline, Emilla, Emille, Emillea, Emilley, Emillie, Emilly, Emlyn, Emlynn, Emlynne, Emmalee, Emmaleigh, Emmalie, Emmaline▲, Emmalyn▲, Emmalynn▲, Emmalynne, Emmelee, Emmelie, Emmely, Emmelyne, Emmey, Emmi, Emmie▲, Emmilee, Emmilie, Emmily, Emmlee, Emmy▲, Emmye, Emyle, Emylee, Milka, Milly, OTHER FORMS VIA AMELIA, EMILIA, EMMA Amaly, Amalya, Amelya, Amilia▲, Ema, Emilyah, Emma, Emme, Emmelyn, Emmet, Emmot, Emily is a very prominent first name for women (#99 out of 4276, Top 2%) and also a very prominent last name for both adults and children (#27258 out of 150436, Top 18%). 19th-century novelist and poet Emily Brontë; poet Emily Dickinson; ettiquette maven Emily Post; actress Emily Watson.

Emily also tends to be very clumsy but a fun person, overall. There is overlap in usage between variants of Emily, Amelia, Emma and Emmeline. Well-known Emilys: Emily Brontë; Emily Dickinson; actresses Emily Blunt and Emily Deschanel. Adoption of these relations of Emily was widespread among parents 2 decades ago (ADOPTION OF 3.3%) and has remained as conventional to this day (ADOPTION 3.1%, ▼5.9%). Emily is a true classic baby name, traditionally used for girls. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. It is also a common name in numerous other countries. From the Latin name Aemilia, meaning "striving," "eager." What does Emily mean? (2000 U.S. Emma (#1 THE PREVIOUS YEAR), Amelia (#8), Emilia (#58), Amy (#205), Emelia (#477), Emely (#485), Emmalyn (#508), Emmy (#539), Amalia (#593), Emmie (#598), Amelie (#721), Emilee (#780), Emmeline (#784), Emmalynn (#840), Emmaline (#903), Emilie (#1027), Amilia (#1259), Emmalee (#1299), Emmi (#1659), Ema (#1677), Emme (#1745), Milly (#1871), Emeline (#1927), Emelyn (#1988), Emmaleigh, Amalie, Emelie, Emelda, Emaline, Emalee and Emili are the popular alternative forms of Emily (#12) listed in the Top 2000. In 2013, it was the sixth most popular name for girls in Australia. E mily as a girls' name is pronounced EM-i-ee.

Emily is alike in pronunciation to Amala, Amiliya and Amilya. Additional information: Emily is a feminine English name derived from the Latin origin name Aemilia, which is the feminine form of the Roman family name Aemilius (trying to equal or excel), a name taken from the root word aemulus, meaning ‘rival’.Emily is also a form of the English, Spanish, German, Latin, Dutch, and Italian girl name Amelia in the English language. Feminine of Emil, from the Latin name Aemilia, feminine form of the old Roman surname Aemilius (probably from aemulus). She is a great friend. She stands out in a good or even bad way but will always be … Meaning of the name Emily: English cognate of the Latin Aemilia, which is from Aemilius, an old Roman family name probably derived from aemulus (trying to equal or excel,… Emily's are also very fun and outgoing; crazy at times. Emily as a girls' name is pronounced EM-i-ee.
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