Has Facebook Screwed the Pooch with Oculus? Later in the game, after Brad is shot and becomes ill with a fever, you have a chance to take an "Erotica" picture and not only score a perfect, but get a lot of points as well. Keep jumping across the lights until you reach the end. This site is not affiliated in any way with Microsoft, Sony, Sega, Nintendo or any video game publishers. Go to the window in the front of the pharmacy and shoot them down with the machine gun. Once there, ride as fast as you can toward Carlito and hit him. Pick it up before you activate the control to stop the ride. Pick it up, and then start the challenge. The farther down the alphabet an ending is, the worse the ending you will receive (i.e., 'F' would be the worst and 'A' would be the best). Leave an area (so that the loading screen appears) that has the items you want to get more of, then enter the area again, and all objects will have respawned. After it ends, use the Flying Dodge towards the right side of the store. Defeat the Postal Worker (mission related) in Royal Flush Plaza. Stand almost even with the pillar so that Carlito cannot see you at all, but will keep shooting at you, only to hit the pillar. Go back to Wonderland Plaza. There should be a motorcycle and a red car here. The armor pieces can be collected as follows: Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding ending sequence: Enter Fortune Park, and go towards the Atlantica Casino, but do not go in. Jump to the next one and then the next one following to reach a box and teddy bear. If at anytime you change into an outfit you do not like, you can get back your default outfit in the janitor's room, underneath the stairs leading to the heliport. You should have about 120 bullets remaining from the fight. Slam the other painting on it. Eventually, the Special Forces soldiers will come looking for you, but they will all gather around the door. There should be a stick of dynamite and a hunk of meat right outside the door. As it curves, you will see a large jump with a blue tarp covering it. Try to wait until it stops. Open the door to the pharmacy, head on inside, and shut the door behind you.
When the saved game is reloaded, you should immediately earn the "Outdoorsman" trophy.
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