All you have to do is stay alive for three minutes.

The Sledgehammer is your best bet because it's the quickest.

The manager will tire before he reaches you. yeah I prefer gamecube controller because I dont want to be swinging my arms around for a long time because it would get boring for an third person action game. Follow the on-screen prompt and shake the controller. Use a combination of Molotovs and Small Chainsaw attacks.

Quickly reload the moment he falls to his knees. From here on out, throw Cooking Oil on the floor in front of you so it lands between you and the next set of zombies. You should finish reloading and be able to fire off a shot just as he recovers and starts charging. Run up to him while he's staggering and perform the Swing Away action command from as far as possible. Dead Rising: Chop Til You Drop Summary : Dead Rising follows the harrowing tale of Frank West, an overly zealous freelance photojournalist on a hunt for the scoop of a lifetime. Quickly take out the helicopter in this hallway and the one by the fountain. Chuck a Saw Blade through the glass and continue down the next hallway.

He's much faster with his sword than you are with your Baseball Bat so wait for him to strike. There are none in the pharmacy or pharmacy hallway so don't bother heading back there. This time we return to the first Dead Rising and while we could play on the original 360... we decided to go … 7 shots. It's tough to corner but if you've plotted a route it can help cut down your time. It's best to turn right when you turn around as it helps avoid the Propane Tank in that room. Perform a Swing Away action command and reload your Shotgun. Turn around and put four Shotgun rounds into the Cult Leader's chest. Dead Rising uses a dynamic real-time system in which time continues to pass whether Frank is actively engaged or remains stationary. Type. Edit source History Talk (1) Share.

IMO, Wii controls for a port are just to show people how it would work or how you can swing your arms for an hour and break it somehow..

So, I would love for Gamecube controls to be implemented. Once you reach the family, get off the Skateboard and shoot them in the back as they run away. Hit him with one powerful swing then dodge his charge (you'll be prompted). Turn around again once you reach your starting point and keep driving back and forth until you rack up 300 kills. Now, as soon as this challenge starts, chuck a Molotov at the group of Cultists charging you and slash anyone that gets through.

Found. You'll find them in the aisles, between the checkout counters, between the freezer cases, and in the liquor and seafood/meat departments.
Keep a respectable distance and hit the prompted buttons and button combinations when they appear on screen. The bombs are always nearby.

You'll have to climb a jewelry case to reach the platform it's sitting on.

Punch the one in front to stun him then line up for a Tackle, trying to nail as many zombies at a time as you can. Travel down the passage avoiding the Propane Tank on the right and turn around when you reach the dead end.

All the other zombies will slip in the puddle and die.

A full clip will put him down. Unfortunately, it's incredibly hard to aim.

That would be great. Dead Rising Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Make sure there isn't a wall behind you and back up as you face him.

Turn around and another two or three bullets should finish her off.

He won't have room to dodge since he chased you into the narrow aisle. Try not to get hit.

The Loop (Games) Do you like this video? Keep running and duck into the room on the left to circumvent the blockade in front of you. Head shots. Template:Picture. Odds are you have six or less bullets in the chamber. Try to put two more in her as she drives away.

Face Isabela and dodge her initial charge.

Play it defensively and only attack or run if you're being assaulted. Don't even do the Swing Away action command, just keep pounding on him.

Continue swinging at the Cultists and the Cult Leader. Shotgun Approach them while keeping the puddle between you.

Take him out and walk up the ramp on the left side of the hallway. Turn around and run up the stairs about half way. There are two helicopters in the first room and one fairly close in the hallway. The Grocery Store Manager's Shopping Cart is by checkstand 6. Arriving at the CDC | The Walking Dead Classic Scene - Duration: 24:18. Apocalypse Frank is a costume exclusively for the Nintendo Wii Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop.It is unlocked by killing 53,594 zombies, which is the population of Willamette.This is equivalent to the Zombie Genocider achievement in Dead Rising.. …
Smash a bottle of Cooking Oil on the zombie in front of you. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. You can sneak in a little extra damage by performing a heavy swing with your Baseball Bat as he's standing up. Uses. Turn left at the very beginning. You'll see the butcher at the far end. Not everyone wants to toss their arms in the air like they have some problem. They will scatter as you approach. You can suffer a lot of damage in this fight and still come out with an S Rank. Repeatedly tap the A Button to go as fast as possible. Play well and you can unlock the following: Below are our S Rank stats for each mission along with a few tips on how to obtain it. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The zombies will charge over the puddle and die. 7 shots

Stick to bullets.

Stay on the scaffolding as you clear out the remaining two in this hallway. You can pull back on the Analog Stick to apply the brakes if you need to slow down or corner. Look for the Cultists.

You don't want to waist any more time chasing them.

Article stubs, Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop Weapons. Eh, you just have to know where to go. By now you're probably being trailed by a few Special Forces guys.

It takes seven Killer 7 shots to the face to take this guy down. It will save you the precious seconds you'll need to make a time low enough for an S Rank. Only head shots. Quickly turn around and put three Killer 7 bullets in her head.

Less if you shoot a grenade out of his hands. Hit him with your Baseball Bat as soon as he finishes attacking and keep wailing on him until you have to dodge a bullet from Carlito. Run to the ramp in front of the cordoned off area and dodge her when she comes back. Don't bother trying to hit Carlito with your bat. Remember Wii Sports Boxing?

After four shots he'll fall to his knees. If you've taken significant damage at this point, you may just want to restart. Riot Gun. Please help expand this article! Turn around and unload seven rounds into his face. Keep your distance to encourage Adam to blow up more balloons and repeat the pattern. watch 02:19. Run as hard as you can to the very end of the scaffolding and jump off. Grab a Bowling Ball and use its alternate attack (shake the Remote) when you find them. The Real Mega Buster is a weapon in Dead Rising and Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop..

Now turn around and head back. You'll be swarmed before you get a shot off so back up into the shop you're nearby and use the wall and floor display to make a choke point. They are hard to spot but you can see them if you look carefully. Behind the big red bear at the far end of the plaza.
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