2867 Šteins, privremene oznake 1969 VC, nepravilni je asteroid iz unutarnjih područja asteroidnog pojasa, promjera oko 5 km. The dimensions of Steins were found to be 6.67 × 5.81 × 4.47 km3. Otkrio ga je 4. studenog 1969. sovjetski astronom Nikolaj Chernykh na Krimskom astrofizičkom opservatoriju u Naučniju na Krimskom poluotoku. This is the first time that the YORP effect has been seen in a main-belt asteroid. Steins surprised them: it turned out to be a kind of asteroid that no spacecraft had flown close to before. (2008): Roseta target asteroid 2867 Steins: An unusual E-type asteroid. This was essential because the orbit was not well enough known based on observations from the ground to allow for a close fly-by. The effect would have caused landslides to fill in the smaller craters. Closest approach is scheduled for 5 September 2008, 20:58 CEST. However, the interior is thought to be a rubble pile and the asteroid will eventually break up. Located in the main asteroid belt, lying between the orbit of Mars and Jupiter, this space rock is being intercepted by Rosetta, which is on its way to comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Steins was shown to be a diamond-shaped asteroid, with dozens of visible craters. Such E-type asteroids are quite rare. Continuous coverage of the asteroid, lasting more than 24 hours was obtained at a phase angle of 41.7 degrees – this is larger than the maximum phase angle of Steins (30 degrees) that can be seen from Earth. Another large crater in the centre of the asteroid is about 650 m wide and 80 m deep and was named "Topaz". Continuous coverage of the asteroid, lasting more than 24 hours was obtained at a phase angle of 41.7 degrees – this is larger than the maximum phase angle of Steins (30 degrees) that can be seen from Earth. During the fly-by campaign Rosetta will be taking accurate measurements of the asteroid’s size, shape and volume, and will measure its rotation rate and reflectivity of the surface. For more information on asteroid types, please see article Debris of the Solar System: Asteroids. 2867 Steins (1969 VC) Discovered 1969-Nov-04 by Chernykh, N. at Nauchnyj Reference: DISCOVERY.DB Last Updated: 2003-08-29 Called an E-type asteroid, it may once have been part of the outer regions of a much larger asteroid, which has fragmented. Asteroid (2867) Steins is the first scientific target of ESA’s comet chaser Rosetta. In preparation for the flyby, observations of asteroid Steins were performed using Rosetta’s OSIRIS camera in March 2006.

This required a break in communications with Earth. Images of asteroid Steins taken with the OSIRIS wide angle camera (left) and narrow-angle camera (right) onboard Rosetta. (Click on the image for detailed caption. Asteroid Steins as viewed by OSIRIS (wide-angle camera) onboard Rosetta during the flyby of 5 September 2008. On 5 September 2008, the Rosetta spacecraft will make it nine. An early characterization is needed to optimize the flyby parameters and the science operations, and to maximize the scientific return. This reduced the chances of collision and effectively stopped the asteroids from developing into planets any further.
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